A Week-end Getaway in Munduk

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A little bit more than a year ago we travel to Munduk and we keep an excellent memory of this trip !

just the place to be if you need to relax or love walking in the forest.

Munduk village stands in the middle of hills, surrounded by coconut and banana trees. You will see green all around, take a deep breath of fresh air, listen to the bird’s songs and the water falling dawn, you are in a little green paradise !
Far away from the polluted and bussy South Bali , we enjoyed the delicious local food, the beautiful views and sceneries, the friendly locals. We felt in peace there.

The main street is where you can find homestays, warungs and small toko ( shops ). When tourism strarted , the locals reacted smartly and from farmers they taught themselves to become guides, drivers, cook … They transform their homes in homestays and their kitchen in Warungs .they build pathways for an easier access to the waterfalls and sale their locally produced spices.
They are conscious that travellers like clean places and they keep their village free of garbage. They look after their little town with love. Super friendly, the locals will help you out with anything you need and after 2 days there you will feel like you know everyone.

The week-end started by the main Munduk attraction : the walk to the waterfalls.
You will need a guide to do this hike in order to not get lost, many pathways are going in many directions and It can be very confusing.We found our guide at Warung Made. Made did adapt himself very well to the tourism and he opened a warung, which does really good and affordable food ( try the Dadar Gulung ), and between breakfast, lunch and diner he becomes a local guide. Smart and diligent Made’s been a great guide, showing us plants, trees and animals and explaining us heaps of things. He made our trip very interesting and pleasant.

We started early morning, It is usually raining after 1pm at this time of the year in Munduk,we hiked in the forest, surrounded by trees and green . The walk started easily but be aware that half way, you will have around 350 stairs to climb !! That was a great exercice for all of us ! Good work out!
Munduk is famous for It’s clove production and everywhere we saw farmers drying their freshly harvest cloves. Coffee plantation, cocoa trees and bamboos are also part of the sceneries, there are heaps to see and we felt lucky to have Made to point out to us all of those plants.The waterfalls were fantastic, we discovered 2 of them, we couldn’t swim but the view was impressive. We find Jack fruit on the way and get to taste It ! Yum ! We loved It !

A must-do while in Bali, either on a day-trip from Ubud or stay there for a few nights but definitelly not to be missed!