Enjoy a Boreh Pijat massage:

Boreh Pijat is a traditional massage that you can hardly find nowadays in Bali. Most massage places will do massages for tourists, soft and relaxing. The Pijat massage is way more than that. It is a healing massage dedicated to health recovery and well-being.

This secret place in Ubud run by Made Sumendra Is performing this healing massage followed by a Boreh mask and a traditional sauna. The Boreh mask is a ground itself of no less than 60 different leaves, roots and flowers. It simply leaves your skin fresh and healthy. You will sweat it out in the natural powered sauna. A real treat for your body and mind.

Made and his team achieve massages learned from the ancient, a mixed of skills taught by their family and by the best healers of the island.

If you are looking for a real experience here in Bali or you wish to restore your body then you should definitely go for it.

Healing Jamu workshop:

What is Jamu? It is a traditional medicine made from herbs, plants and roots that we drink here in Bali whenever we feel unwell or tired. 3 kinds of Jamu exist but the most famous and popular one is the orange Jamu made of ginger, galangal ginger, turmeric, tamarind and palm sugar.

All ingredients grounded and nicely mixed together, this potion becomes a natural antiseptic energizing, cleansing and slimming. It heals pretty much everything and give a real boost to your body as it is loaded with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, good for digestive health, and full of vitamin C to make for a strong immunity system.

This very old traditional drink recipe is given from mothers to daughters and still a popular drink this days.

In this workshop you will also learn to make flower scented coconut oil and Boreh scrub from scratch.

A workshop dedicated to well-being.


Dance like a Balinese:

Balinese girls learn young the difficult and tricky yet intriguing way of dancing of their elders. You may see them performing in the Banjar or during ceremonies and find yourself fascinated.

Balinese dance is an expression of the human soul which is realized through movement of all the body in a beautiful way, accompanied by music and rhythm based on the character and theme of the dance.

It is very unique, dynamic and highly stylized. A dancer must be able to move every part of their body in a dance, from head to toe.

Balinese dances are intimately connected with the surrounding environment. Nature has been a source of inspiration to composers and choreographers resulting in many different movements. Apart from nature, daily human body movements have also been added to the extensive vocabulary of Balinese dance, adding to its scope and beauty.

Book your class and try yourself to this art!

Learn to play Balinese music: the Gamelan

The traditional music here in Bali is very different than what we are used too. The Gamelan, is the main instrument used here and is part of all ceremonies and weddings on the Island. You will surely hear it a few times while on vacation here.

It is performed as a group of few, always by men and provide a unique sound. Young Balinese learn the art of hitting it during workshop at the Banjar with the elders.

A gamelan instrument is often percussive with keyed xylophones or pot gongs made of a variety of materials, gongs of various sizes, double-headed drums and cymbals.

However, not all Balinese gamelan instruments are percussive. There are also wind, bowed, plucked and strummed instruments.

Get your introduction to this great instrument with us and awaken your artist sense.

Traditional Cooking class:

You wish to know more about the delicious food you taste and eat here on the Island of the Gods ? Then go for this amazing cooking class.

Start the day by shopping all the ingredients you will need to cook at the Jimbaran local market with the chef. Yes, you are in for a full cooking experience, from the shopping at the market till the feast at the end of the class.

Everything is prepared from scratch in the traditional and authentic way. You will learn all about the local herbs and spices that Balinese use in their kitchen.

A complete and interactive class that will give you a fascinating introduction to the local ingredients and cooking techniques that makes food on the island of Bali so flavorsome.

The class end with a nice lunch where you get to eat all the food you previously prepared 🙂

Kite making workshop:

Your kids or yourself dream to fly a kite like a pro?

Balinese are well-known for mastering the art of making and flying kites. In the windy season, from May to September kites can be seen all day long if you look up the sky and competition are being held a bit everywhere. The most famous one being the Sanur Kite festival usually in August every year.

Kites here are real pieces of art, representing deities often and weird creatures sometimes.

In this workshop you will make your own kite, guided by a local kite master, learn the tips and tricks to fly a kite and practice it for as long as you wish on the beach of Sanur.

No time restrictions for this practice, having fun being the most important!

Coconut oil making class:

Learn to make coconut oil from the coconut itself, freshly harvested in the garden of the family compound. North Ubud this lovely family will show you their tips and tricks to make the most natural and pure coconut oil possible.

Start the class by a refreshing coconut drink, follow step by step the making of the oil and finish with a relaxing arms and hands scrub made with the flesh and oil of coconut of course, then leave the class with a bottle of the oil you just made.