The Art of Balinese Massage

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Before being a relaxing experience for tourists, massages were meant to heal the tired body of Balinese farmers, it was a natural therapy practiced by all. After work, at dawn, families will gather and massage each other. Done with dexterity and gentle hands, it was a necessity for all rice harvester passing all day the […]

Off the beaten tracks in Bali

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  Island so loved by Australians, Bali welcomed 6 millions of tourists in 2017. How could you visit without finding yourself surrounded by hundreds of tourists ? Where to go? What to do ?  This article will give you a few ideas to help you live Bali like did its first explorers. Untouched and real. […]

Why Balinese Babies are Bald ?

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Perhaps you noticed…Or you will when you will be here, local babies are all bald or with really, really short hair. Probably you wonder why ? in Hindus believes there are actually a multitude of reasons to shave the babies hairs. The main one would be spiritual and an other one would be esthetic. Esthetic […]