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Julia’s 3 months ceremony

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Julia’s 3 months ceremony

When a baby turns 3 months a big celebration is organised called Telu Bulanaan. This is going to be the biggest ceremony for a new born.

It is a very expensive celebration, parents save money for months to be able to afford It. Balinese spend everything for the various ceremonies happening all year round . But they don’t mind It. To someone who ask them about It they will reply : you don’t take your money with you when you die anyway. Meaning why saving money all your life and finally die without having the time to enjoy It ? Better spend It on ceremonies ! Balinese live day by day, as long as they have enought to eat for today , they won’t worry about tomorrow !! Less stress for them !

Bali Hindu’s life is all about cremeonies and offerings, I once read a very true statement that say about Balinese people :

« We are not human beings having a spiritual expérience, we are spiritual beings having a human expérience. »

Julia’s 3 months ceremony took part in Klungkung. It started early morning, before the sun shine to strong, at the nearest beach. Offering’s been placed on the black sand, toward the sea and the family priest started the ceremony.

This celebrations has 2 main purposes : connecting the child to the sea, and allowing him /her to touch the ground.

Before a baby reach It’s 3 months he is not allowed to touch the ground which is consider impur. The bad spirits living under It, It is quite scary to imagine that a fragile new born will get so close to them.

So, today, for the very first (official:) ) time Julia touch the ground !!

After blessing the offerings with holy water, and praying, the family took Julia to the sea water and she got to touch the water too !

This, to connect her to the sea as Balinese have a strong connection to I. When we die, our ashes are taken into the ocean, so when a baby born, he is introduce to the ocean that he/she is here and connect himself to It .that’s basically the idea.

When the ceremony at the beach is done, we all went back to the family house for more prayers and continu the ceremony. All the big family and neighbours came one by one, greeting us .

After more offerings were given to the gods and spirits, Julia got to grab 4 bracelets, one necklace and one ring from a bowl of water. Babies got to wear that until the bracelets are too small for them. It is a way to show, traditionally the condition of the family. Gold jewellery If you can afford It or silver one. It is also a symbol of protection.

Of course we had the traditional babi Gulig ( suckling pig) for diner.Actually this pig was for offerings. Once the celebrations are done, Balinese will share the offerings between the family members, nothing is wasted. Basically, once you served the offerings, the spirits and gods eat straight away and you can clean It up right after.

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