Best warungs to taste the best of Indonesian food in Sanur

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Best warungs to taste the best of Indonesian food in Sanur

First of all, what’s a warung?? Well, It’s traditionally a tiny local restaurant serving super cheap food. Locals like to eat there, the dish is always made of rice and spicy sauce, each places having their own recipes. Nowadays, the warungs adapted themselves to tourism and a lot of places call themselves as such but are more looking like a restaurant. Here is a non-exhaustive listing of a few places in Sanur, that are a great mix of tradition and modernity. Offering local food nicely upgraded to western taste and providing a great atmosphere where you will like at home.

Warung Santai and Warung kecil

Those 2 warungs are like sisters and brothers, same owner, same look, same menu and same great tasty dishes.

All the different types of Indonesia food are available here and depending on the day we can find there²² newly added dishes. The menu also depends on the season and the inspiration of the cooks. Prawns, chicken, pork, all sorts of products are cooked in their kitchen as well as vegan options. You will have a choice of white rice, red one or Nasi Kuning to start with and then add to it whichever dish you wish between the ones displayed in their kitchen. The yellow rice or Nasi Kuning got his colour from the turmeric and his aroma from the different herbs and spices its cooked in, super yummy this rice is so far my favorite version of it. Usually full at lunch, you can take away your meal in paper boxes. Warung Kecil and warung Santai are part of the battle against plastic waste and offer bamboo straws to drink their juices and coconuts.

When music and food are one: Little Bird

To all the music lovers, this place is for you!! Cool atmosphere, nice food and good music this place is the one for whom which to pass a relaxing evening without ending up broke. Affordable beers and cocktails are available and the super friendly staff will take the time to chit-chat with you if you like. Opened since many years now, Little Bird got now 2 little brothers called Coconut Tree and Beach Breeze both located at different places along the main street of Sanur. All the food is yummy but we highly recommend the Nasi Goreng with chicken satays. The portions will surely satisfy you bas well as the taste. Easily full, seat on the bench and listen to the music while waiting for a table to be free. You are welcome to come playing some music as well if you feel like it!

First on Trip Advisor: Baby Monkey

Baby Monkey is another great place to try while in Sanur. This nicely decorated warung is now the first one on Trip Advisor à Sanur!! Good prices as well as great dishes made this place a popular one. But what can we eat there? Well, the traditional Nasi Goreng (friend rice) and Mie Goreng (mie goring), Ayam Kecap, Soto Ayam and a lot more… Fruit juices are also available to accompany your meal unless you prefer a fresh beer. Watermelon juice, banana juice, mango juice, depending on the season the choice is more or less great. The atmosphere is always comfortable and friendly, the staff always smiling and happy and music is played there twice a week. Gabus the owner is most likely to be here to welcome you and make sure that you are always happy with everything. Feel free to say hi to him for us!

Our newest favorite: Dapoer Oma

This warung, not exactly in the city center but a tiny bit on the side, is only open since a year, but quickly become our favorite one. No Nasi Goreng or Mie Goreng to be find there but a choice of different dishes to mix with white, yellow or red rice. Oma means grand-ma in Balinese and the owner, a sweet not-so-young -anymore lady never forget a new face. The dishes are vegan, vegetarian and made of meat and fish, also lots of choices are available regarding the greens and the usual spicy sauce if you wish. The portions are just gigantic and you will surely not need a dessert after finishing your plate. The taste is guarantee along with a full tummy that will make you wanna come back again. Opened lunch and dinner this place is just GREAT