The Art of Balinese Massage

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Before being a relaxing experience for tourists, massages were meant to heal the tired body of Balinese farmers, it was a natural therapy practiced by all. After work, at dawn, families will gather and massage each other. Done with dexterity and gentle hands, it was a necessity for all rice harvester passing all day the […]

Making Traditional Arak in Sidemen

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Sidemen is well-known for its beautiful landscapes and superb rice fields. It is a truly pretty and special place in the middle-East Bali. But it’s not only all about the rice fields. Here we can whiteness the making of the very local and traditional alcohol called Arak. Our day is Sidemen was nicely filled up […]

Why Balinese Babies are Bald ?

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Perhaps you noticed…Or you will when you will be here, local babies are all bald or with really, really short hair. Probably you wonder why ? in Hindus believes there are actually a multitude of reasons to shave the babies hairs. The main one would be spiritual and an other one would be esthetic. Esthetic […]

How to save money like a local

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We often wonder how backpackers can travel for so long without working. Well there is a few answers to that but one of them is surely the fact that they learn to live cheap. They learn to eat what’s cheap, renting cheap accommodations, like the so called backpackers, travel cheap and so on. But what […]

green School

A sustainable school in the heart of Bali’s jungle- The Green School

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Learning maths and history, sciences and English is pretty normal. But learning about SUSTAINABILITY, learning gardening, GROWING your own food, learning to manage a LAWN and learning MARUMBA orchestra…That’s quite special and unusual. The Green School is a very unique school, working towards educating children to respect our environment, to respect others, to respect life […]

ceremony Bali

Julia’s 3 months ceremony

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When a baby turns 3 months a big celebration is organised called Telu Bulanaan. This is going to be the biggest ceremony for a new born. It is a very expensive celebration, parents save money for months to be able to afford It. Balinese spend everything for the various ceremonies happening all year round . But […]