Off the beaten tracks in Bali

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Island so loved by Australians, Bali welcomed 6 millions of tourists in 2017. How could you visit without finding yourself surrounded by hundreds of tourists ? Where to go? What to do ?  This article will give you a few ideas to help you live Bali like did its first explorers. Untouched and real. Green rice fields, waterfalls lost in the nature, natural made slides, etc…There are still unknown and underestimated places that are worth visiting and exploring. To access it, hire a professional guide who will explain you the local culture and traditions, the island history and the traditional Balinese way of living. The golden rule is to avoid tourist’s traps: avoid the South Bali, especially Kuta and Seminyak area, the more you will go North, the less voyageurs you will meet…


First stop:

Mayong village: In an unusual beautiful place, this little village is worth the drive. Amazingly beautiful rice fields as far as the eyes can see, make this site one of the best for a walk between rice paddies. We rarely meet a tourist here, the sympathetic inhabitants will guide you with pleasure in the surroundings, looking for the best view. You will see, here and there, traditionally built houses, where 3, sometimes, 4, generations leave harmoniously, helping one another, alone with the nature. The inhabitants grow clove, coffee, cacao, they eat their production of eggs and rice. They harvest as well the coconut sugar directly from the tree and craft local alcohol called Arak. A scenic village that can you visit in half a day or more, by foot, relaxing and witnessing an impressive amount of greens, some light, some dark, some that you never seen before…

Second stop :

The gardens of Sambangan :  Lost in the nature, between gigantic trees and pretty flowers, the multiple waterfalls of the area are a promise of swims and adventures. Two waterfalls close by offer the opportunity to the voyageurs to test their adrenaline. We can jump there from 5, 10 or 16 meters high from the top of the waterfalls till the pond under! For the ones who prefer softer experiences, a natural slide ending up in a crystal clear water will be prefect. Another slide, mini version of the first one, between 2 ponds, is a nice activity, definitely less scary that the 16 meters high jump, that will satisfy young kids and mums too. The refreshing water make this place one not be to missed. Everyone will find something that suits them and will enjoy the adrenaline. We find the waterfalls after walking for one, two or three hours in the rice fields around, always accompanied by a friendly and careful guide.

Third stop :

Munduk waterfalls: Yes, waterfalls again, but this time no slide and no jumps possible! Here the nature shows you her strength and her beauty. The water falls down from very high, clean, coming from the surroundings hills. The little village of Munduk is the departure point for the trek, 1 or 2 nights is usually enough, there is not much more to do here really. During the raining season, best is to leave around 8 am, in order to avoid the usual afternoon rainfalls. While hiking in the forest, looking for the majestic waterfalls, you will discover the local culture, you will see the pineapple plantations, the cloves, ginger and turmeric, precious spices essential to the Balinese cuisine. The trek mix amazing views and discovery of asian fruits that you probably will have the chance to taste, like the cacao fruit or the jack fruit. A village surely worth the visit.