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A sustainable school in the heart of Bali’s jungle- The Green School

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Learning maths and history, sciences and English is pretty normal. But learning about SUSTAINABILITY, learning gardening, GROWING your own food, learning to manage a LAWN and learning MARUMBA orchestra…That’s quite special and unusual.

The Green School is a very unique school, working towards educating children to respect our environment, to respect others, to respect life in general.

At the Green school we take mud baths, we eat vegan, we build bamboo bicycles.

The school is totally recognized and most of the kids finishing their high schhol there end up going to uni.

Children from 3 till 18 years old study harmoniously in a wall-free environment.

Yes, WALL FREE, the school is totally sustainable, made of BAMBOO, create its own electricity from the strenght of the river and solar panels, the students drink the water from the well, the school bus runs from old cooking oil and no plastic is used at all . The students eat their vegan or vegetarian meal and wash it off with glass-bottled coconut water between arts classes, music practices and sports competitions.




A big part of the school year is the realisation of the children projects. They can choose whichever project they wish as long as it is related to environment. If their project requires money to succeed and is serious they will get a lawn from the school. They learn then team work, money management, problems solving, etc… A project that highly succeed is Bye Bye Plastic Bags ; worldwide famous Melati and Isabel fight against plastic pollution!

Even if this kind of school can seems too free for some, it is actually the best place for our kids to learn real life. Animals, fruits, vegies, rice fields can be found everywhere at the school so the kids know where their food come from. They learn to plant it, to cook it and to enjoy it !

While in the mud -pit, they will be always under control and it is actually the place when they get taught about self-defense while their skin glows from the healthy mud !

General classes are of course taught as well, all in a friendly atmosphere. The school wish to be more of a community of learners than a School really.

Definitelly a place worth checking out !