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Day trips and tours all around Bali and Ubud

Memorable and unique, that’s how we want all our tours to be ! And that’s why we choose to work with the best guides in Bali to offer you a perfect service all year round.

Our trusted and knowledgeable guides will take you around the Island and Ubud, to hidden places or, to the most well-known ones for an unforgettable day. We tailor and create all our day trips depending on our clients wishes .

From lush greens of Munduk village, lost in the middle of the jungle, to the golden sandy beaches of the Bukit peninsula, you will be blown away by Bali’s landscape and culture.

The Balinese’s beaches are all different and specials and our guides will enjoy take you around, discovering the best beaches for you. Some are only accessible by going down a few hundreds steps which make them almost virgin of tourists and will make a perfect trip for adventurous voyageurs, while others are more easily accessible but still charming.The most beautiful beaches are well-known to be the ones from the Bukit peninsula, Blue Point, Green Bowl or the long beach of Nusa Dua or even the most popular of all after the movie ‘eat, Pray, Love’: Padang Padang,

Here in Bali the rice fields play with the greens, going from dark to soft depending on the seasons and the harvesting time. We harvest rice until 3 times a year in Bali, rice is the basic food and is eaten at each meal, even breakfast. The Jatiluwih rice field are the most famous of all, they are actually Unesco World Heritage!

For some nice walk around rice paddies, our guides will take you to Sidemen or around the villages of Amed.

A must-do on the Island of the Gods is of course the Hindus Temple visit. The Balinese practice their religion in every aspect of their life, from their birth to their death. Temples are build everywhere and offerings carefully placed…Everywhere as well. Seems like it, but there is actually a very complicated code for offerings making and placing. Those are commonly placed at the front of each house, among other places and areas, and blessed with holy water. To visit a temple, your guide will make sure that you ‘ properly’ adjust your sarong. A temple to-not-be-missed, with an incredible view on mt Agung, is the Lempuyan temple near by Taman Ujung and Tirtagangga Waterpalaces. Temples are numerous and it will be too long to write them all here. The luckiest ones will have the chance to witness a ceremony, for the calendar of the big ceremonies happening during your stay in Bali, write us an email.


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