Walk around Ubud : The art of planting rice and painting it

During your walk around Ubud, you will discover the artist painters of the area and will be able to admire the pretty rice fields of Ubud. A tranquil walk that will take you right into the Balinese universe.

The day starts in the village of Sebali, where you will go trekking in a tropical rainforest until you reach a small river stream with a sacred fountain. Balinese traditionally come bathing here. The walk continue in between rice paddies for 3 km.

You will then arrive in an authentic village called Keliki reputated for its unique paintings where you will visit traditional houses. The artists will be happy to show you their best pieces of art 😊

The walk end in Bayu’s house where you will share a yummy Indonesian lunch with the family.

For who: all level of walkers including children

How long it takes: the trek last around 2 to 2h30 hours plus lunch.

Sidemen walk : Green everywhere

The paths of Sidemen will take you in between rice fields to meet Balinese farmers at work. Depending on the season, the rice will be more or less high and you will be able to witness the harvesting, the plantation or the maintenance of the fields. The so smiley Balinese love their land, that’s obvious.

Still using ancestral techniques to grow rice, each stage of the rice cultivation is still done by hand in the purest Balinese tradition. You will walk beyond rice paddies following those farmers steps and find lots of local fruits and plants: coconut tree, bananas, rambutan and many more.

The calm of the area will enchant you and your camera will enjoy the beauty of this postal card scenery.

All the authenticity of the Island can be found here. A beautiful walk in perspective

For who: all level of walkers including children

How long it takes: around 1: 30 hours

Munduk trek: waterfalls and clove trees

In Munduk we come to see the waterfalls. Beautifully refreshing waterfalls where we can sometimes bath when the water is high enough.

You will wind among jackfruit trees, coconut, cocoa and coffee trees in a tropical rainforest still untouched. Munduk is also the area of the clove cultivation. You will witness inhabitants harvest and dry the spice in front of their house. If you come in the right season, you will be able to taste local fruit like the jackfruit and maybe find a wild pineapple slowly growing in the middle of your way.

After a short trek you will reach the superb waterfalls, don’t forget your camera, great pictures and videos can be done here.

For who: all level of walkers

How long it takes: around 1: 30 hours

Amed trek : Between blue and green

The short drive from Amed to Bangle village is already a great experience itself. Buffalos and farmers are working along to keep the rice fields green and healthy. Once in Bangle village, a local will guide you around the forest and the village. If you come in the raining season you might see the waterfall too.

An immersion in the life of the Balinese farmers that will touch your heart. Farmers at work will great you with big smiles.

Not being a touristic place at all the path is not always the easiest, you will trek as local farmers do, on forest path, between plants, tress and cows.

For who: whom loves walking. Not so recommended for young children

How long it takes: around 1: 30 hours

Belimbing trek: The nature in its most simple way   

Few voyagers know this trek and you will feel like you are the only humans around. An adventure far from the touristic paths and close to nature awaits you.

You will pass by authentic villages, walk on small hills and cross bamboo bridges and green valleys. A trek that nature lovers will really enjoy.

The rice fields sculpt the countryside. They are cultivated following the Subak style (concerted water management method) that allows all farmers to water their fields without annoying their neighbor. Your guide will happily explain you in details all about this popular method.

For who: anyone who loves walking

How long it last: approximately 3 hours

Mayong village walk: The pleasure of good food and great sceneries

Putu, local guide on site, will take you discover his village while Ria, his wife, goes shopping fresh food at the local market for your lunch.

The rice paddies, still untouched by mass tourism, are wonderful scenic panoramas that keep amazing us.  Rich in fruits and spices like rambutan, avocado, cocoa, cashew nuts and a lot more, you will see all along the trek, tropical plants and trees. The fruit of the cocoa tree will surprise you of its sweet and soft taste.

The houses lost in the forest will guide you until you walk back to the village for a delicious and generous lunch prepared by the charming Ria.

For who: all level of walkers including children

How long it takes: between 2 and 2: 30 hours plus the lunch at the end of the trek

The Gardens of Sambangan: Taste your adrenaline

A trek in between rice fields and villages with, at the end, a great opportunity to taste your adrenaline. 4 waterfalls will be to discover including the famous Aling Aling, pretty and powerful at once , the Kroya waterfall, which is actually a natural slide of 12 meters high, the Kembar waterfall, where you can jump from 10 meters high and, finally, the one that all adventurous spirits awaits, the Pucuk waterfall from which one you can jump form a little 16 meters high.

You were dreaming of a bit of action? Well, you are at the right place.

Mid way, you will make a stop at a local house to refresh with a freshly picked coconut. His naturally sweeted water will energize you.

Before leaving, a lunch will be served to recharge your batteries.

For who: All level of walkers. Note that you need to be a good swimmer to jump from the waterfall.

How long it last: between 3 to 4 hours

Batukaru: The rainforest Trek

Explore some of the most unique primal rainforest jungle on the slopes of Mount Batukaru, the second highest mountain in Bali, where you will discover all sorts of weird jungle plants and hidden sacred temples along the way, with the bonus of often not meeting a single tourist on the whole trek!

A short drive will take you to the start of the rainforest where the trek begins. This moderately difficult walk meanders up the early part of Mount Batukaru past huge tree ferns, pandanas palms and hanging moss gardens, where you may spot monkeys and shy forest birds. After a rest stop at Jatiluwih temple you will continue on the more difficult track through the rainforest to the holy water turnoff. It is a real feast for the eyes and a fun trek for those who enjoy sporty adventures.

For who: Good walkers

How long it takes: Approximately 4 hours

Mount Batukaru Summit Trek

Challenge yourself with this full day trek in one of the most beautiful and untouched part of Bali.

A 20-minute drive will take you to Jatiluwih Temple where you will begin the mountain trek. From the start point at the temple, this is a challenging but spectacular climb with expansive views of the whole region on the way up and down the mountain.

Spectacular coloured fruits like dinosaur eggs are found on the forest floor, and other strange and wonderful fruits grow off the trunks of gigantic forest trees. Edible fern tips abound and shy jungle birds and other jungle creatures are all around.

This trek include a Rp.25,000 per person donation to the Sarinbuana Trekking Guide Association (STGA).

For who: This trek is more difficult and is not recommended for children under 12 and adults who are not in good physical condition.

How long it takes: Approximately 8 hours